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Laura Perry

Montana Real Estate Associate

Laura Perry brings a unique skill set to the transactional table. She strives to understand the needs and desires of their clients and work towards making those goals a reality. Thanks to 30 years in the industry, Laura has access to some fairly unique techniques that work in every Market and in any price range.

The All Montana Teams utilizes the Three P's of Marketing - Price, Preparation, and a variety of cutting edge Promotions to get your home noticed and sold quickly. If you chose to follow the teams recommendations prior to putting your home on the market, you could very likely have a sale of your property with limited or NO repair requests.

As previous Broker Supervisor/Owner of a high volume, boutique brokerage, Laura was responsible for not only the review of all documents on every transaction but in most cases drew all the counteroffers for the company's listings. Over 400 short sale and traditional transactions in just a few years, including estate liquidations.

The most rewarding part of Laura's job is helping families realize the outcome they are looking for with regards to their real estate goals while protecting their interests legally and practically. Probate clients, Relocations, Growing Families, Empty Nesters...each provide a unique opportunity to make each family feel safe, heard, and protected.