The All Montana Real Estate Story

All Montana Real Estate may be a newer agency in town, but the experience of the agents and brokers on this amazing team is as deep as it is wide. We pride ourselves on our full service every day while providing an amazing array of knowledge and services above and beyond a typical brokerage. Check out our Innovative Strategies Page for more information. We always have believed:

  • Ethical standards and fiduciary responsibility come before commissions. 

  • Agents work with their broker as a team to provide consistent quality and standard of care

  • Innovative thought and technology are embraced to provide a better client experience


Welcome to All Montana Real Estate

Real Estate Values and Ethics

Real Estate Values and Ethics

Team work

Team work


Core Values


5 Star Customer Experiences


Four stars isn’t good enough. Find out why we reject average or even good real estate experiences and go for the gold.


Real Estate Professionalism


In an industry where 70% of today’s realtors won’t be in the business a year from now, Montana Real Estate team stands above the rest.


Specialization and Expertise


Why do most agents try to be everything to everybody? We hire and develop experts so you always work with the best.




Real estate isn’t renown for being at the cutting edge – so we innovate our own systems and technology to make it right for you.



Leaders are Practitioners


Our leaders are involved in every aspect of our business. Don’t be surprised if you call and our CEO answers the phone!

Commitment to Our Brand


Our brand makes you a promise, and we’re going to keep it.

Testimonials Leslie Reeder Laura Perry

When our clients speak, we listen

Leslie is amazing! I'm based out of Los Angeles, California, but had a house in Kalispell, Montana. I decided I wanted to sell my property and she helped me throughout the process. She went above and beyond her job and even worked out collecting keys from my former tenant and helping me rid trash from my home.

Leslie is very easy to work with, very patient with me (as I have a very strong personality), and got the job done.

- Judith M.

- Lori F.

Laura really went above and beyond for us when we were selling our home. Not only did she find an all cash buyer with no contingencies, we were thrown a last minute curve ball with a contentious neighbor and she steered us through that difficult episode.


Laura really cares and works so hard on your behalf. I give her my highest recommendation.

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